McMaster University Holiday Greeting: Here’s to 2023!

A graphic that reads, ‘Looking back at 2022’ and features a graphic illustration of a film strip containing four images. The images show a student in a convocation robe, students in conversation, a researcher in a lab smiling at a graduate student and two McMaster students petting a dog.

From small acts of kindness to big breakthroughs, our campus community made us proud this year.

McMaster students worked to support the launch of a community fridge, found ways to give back and worked to find sustainable solutions to climate change.

Our researchers started clinical trials on a next-generation inhaled COVID-19 vaccine, made groundbreaking discoveries in the world of genetics and used space-age tech to diagnose cancer.

We got the chance to come together to celebrate our achievements, with the return of in-person convocation ceremonies and Welcome Week activities.

To celebrate the small moments that all add up to make a big impact, we asked our friends at the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy (CCEM) to create the world’s tiniest Marauder holiday greeting as part of our holiday video (watch below).

And when we say tiny – we mean tiny – think nanoscale! To learn how the CCEM researchers put together the world’s tiniest McMaster greeting, click here.

Thank you for another year of making the world brighter, Marauders — here’s to 2023!


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