Free lecture: Multitudes in Revolt, from Tahrir to Taksim

The McMaster Centre for Scholarship in the Public Interest (MCSPI) is proud to welcome critical theorist Michael Hardt to campus on Thursday, Feb. 6.

Hardt will deliver a lecture entitled, “Multitudes in Revolt, from Tahrir to Taksim” from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. The event will take place in CIBC Hall (Room 319) in the McMaster University Student Centre.

The talk will consider how a cycle of struggles characterized by occupations and encampments have spread through different parts of the world in the last three years. The lecture aims to grasp the importance of these global struggles and to recognize the primary challenges they face, investigating in particular the role of organization and leadership in these “leaderless” movements.

Hardt, co-author of the Empire trilogy of books, is the second speaker in the MCSPI speakers series Alternative Futures: Public Intellectuals in Uncertain Times.

Refreshments will be served, and all are welcome to attend.