The importance of community during a time of conflict

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McMaster University is a community deeply rooted in the principles of respect, openness, intellectual pursuits and peaceful dialogue.

These fundamental ideals are crucial to keep in mind as classes resume on Monday.

We are all aware that the war unfolding in Israel and Gaza is having a profound impact on many around the globe, including many members of our community. We do not take this lightly.

Recent events serve as stark reminders to do what McMaster does best: Be a welcoming and inclusive community that has always taken care of each other.

As more students return to classes, we hope that spirit of support and respect prevails and that our discourse is thoughtful and free of any hateful or careless rhetoric. It is the responsibility we all have as we support the rights and freedom to exchange ideas.

As always, the physical and psychological safety of our community is paramount, and we are committed to making sure everyone feels safe and respected in our teaching, learning, working, living, and research environments.

Our security team has heard from some community members that they feel unsafe and are committed to working with internal and external community members to keep campus a protected environment. While there is no evidence of any threats to our community, the security team is available to help any student, staff or faculty member who has safety concerns. Our safety app can be downloaded here and many other helpful resources can be found on the Security Services website.

We are also mindful of the critical need to support the physical and psychological well-being of our students, faculty and staff. McMaster has created a new resource page highlighting the range of services that we offer students, faculty and staff to support mental health, learning and belonging.

Our community has always come together and supported one another. I am confident that we will continue to do so.


David Farrar,
President and Vice-Chancellor

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