Violence is never a solution

Violence is never a solution and we hope that everyone would focus on the human cost when such attacks on civilians occur.

The attacks this weekend can also have a terrible impact on people in the university’s own community.  Our thoughts are with our students, faculty and staff, both Israeli and Palestinian, who have family and loved ones in the area.

We encourage anyone at McMaster who is feeling the impact of these attacks to reach out to the many university supports that are available.  The university community needs to work together to ensure that we continue to remain a safe and secure place for everyone.

McMaster University is shocked and disappointed at the comments made by CUPE Local 3906 regarding this violence.  While CUPE Local 3906, which represents Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants in lieu, Sessional Faculty and Post-Doctoral Fellows, is an independent group with the right to express its views, the university is in disagreement with any statement condoning violence.

Supports are available for the McMaster community: