Zoom campus license now available to faculty, staff, and students

University Technology Services (UTS) is pleased to announce that all faculty, staff and active students can use their personal MacIDs to access licensed Zoom accounts!

Get started!

For more information about how to access this service, please visit our Zoom Support Page: https://www.mcmaster.ca/uts/zoom/index.html

For further details around McMaster-offered web and video conferencing tools to help you evaluate the best tool available for you, please visit the IT Continuity Page: https://cto.mcmaster.ca/it-updates/it-continuity-tools-services/. Students can also view a ‘Features & Use Cases’ comparison table here.

Microsoft Teams is also available to all faculty, staff and active students and is an excellent choice for web and video conferencing sessions or interactions containing sensitive information. It is also an excellent team collaboration tool.

If you have any questions or need additional support, please contact our UTS Service Desk at uts@mcmaster.ca.