Workshop: Living in the community of the future

With increasing connectivity being a staple of future communities how will we be able to stay in communication while staying safe?

Engineers need to understand the public policy implications of the Internet of Things. The interconnection of embedded devices is expected to usher in the age of automation in almost all fields. Imagine surgery with a robot who gives and receives data in an instant, automobiles with built in sensors that can track your location faster than you can send a text message, or field operation devices that can assist firefighters in a search and rescue by transmitting data in real time. The possibilities are endless, but once the data has been used for its purpose who gets to keep the information? How does the innovation that comes with the Internet of Things affect our privacy, and where is the boundary of what is considered private information?

On May 5th 2015 community leaders, experts in the field, McMaster faculty and students are welcome to join an Engineering and Public Policy specialty workshop to address these issues, and see just how much wireless may be weighing us down or lifting us up in the future. At this workshop you can peer into the ‘Community of the Future’ and see where you fit in helping to shape a sustainable, and safe society as technology rapidly advances. The W Booth School of Engineering Practice is pleased to host this specialty workshop in partnership with the Ontario Centre for Engineering and Public Policy, Huawei Technologies, and Microsoft.

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