Win a $3,000 Clarke Prize in Advocacy and Active Citizenship

Undergraduate political science students can win a $3,000 prize by presenting their advocacy work at an upcoming poster competition.

Students are encouraged to enter their work – past or ongoing – into the student poster showcase for the Clarke Prizes in Advocacy and Active Citizenship. First place prize is $3,000, second place prize is $2,000 and third place prize is $1,000.

At the showcase, a panel of judges will evaluate poster content and ask participants questions to select winners. Judges will look for:

• a clear and well-focused definition of the problem/issue your advocacy campaign is intended to address
• a clear explanation of the goals of your advocacy campaign, including how the campaign will impact society
• a clear explication of how winning one of the Clarke Prizes will help you to better reach those goals
• demonstration of depth of knowledge and expertise on your subject

Contact Todd Alway at or Karen Bird at for details.

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