WebEx will no longer be a university-supported video conference tool

The MacPherson Institute and Faculty of Health Sciences’ (FHS) Computing Services Unit (CSU) and University Technology Services are currently undertaking the necessary steps to devolve the use of WebEx as a contractually licensed product on campus.

Based on information collected from the MacPherson Institute and FHS (CSU), the number of users of WebEx services has declined over the duration of McMaster’s contract. We currently have just over 200 faculty/staff regular users.

Some of the uses are for teaching and learning purposes. However, with input from MacPherson and CSU –  the two main campus providers and support areas behind the use of WebEx –  it is anticipated that the usage can be redirected to other technologies, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, as well as Echo360.

This recommendation was endorsed and supported by the McMaster IT Executive Governance Committee and as such we will begin activities to devolve the contract before its renewal date of Sept. 1, 2021.

Information, support, and training (if needed) will be provided throughout the summer to assist users in leveraging other available platforms. Users can reach out to the MacPherson Institute at avenue@mcmaster.ca for assistance with specific technology transitions.