Want to win $25K for your energy innovation?

Ontario Centres of Excellence is tapping into the creativity and entrepreneurial acumen of the province’s students for solutions to global energy challenges – and the best one will earn a $25,000 award.

With an application deadline of January 31, 2014, the David McFadden Energy Entrepreneur Challenge invites university and college students from across Ontario to address challenges facing the energy sector. The winner receives $25,000 to use toward their business idea and a suite of services to assist in advancing it.

“We are proud to be able to issue this challenge in David’s name as both our past Board chair and a leader in the energy sector,” said Dr. Tom Corr, President and CEO of Ontario Centres of Excellence.

The theme for the challenge is Enlightened Energy. Students must create energy solutions that are practical, affordable and sustainable while being exportable and adaptable to the needs of different parts of the world. More than just commercially viable, the solution should also help contribute to safer, healthier and more environmentally sound communities.

“Many of us take for granted the energy we need to heat and air condition our homes and businesses; power our industries; and propel our vehicles,” said Mr. McFadden. “However, in many areas of the globe, energy is scarce or even unavailable and that’s what this challenge will address.”

To enter, students must complete a three-minute pitch video and upload to YouTube by Jan. 31, 2014. Up to 10 finalists will be selected and invited to pitch their idea at OCE’s Discovery trade show and conference on May 12-13, 2014 in Toronto. The winner will be announced at Discovery on May 13.

For more information on the challenge and David McFadden’s vision, please visit http://www.oce-ontario.org/programs/talent-programs/entrepreneurship-fellowships/mcfadden-challenge.