Want to help enhance the Hamilton Community? Register for Change Camp

Change Camp Hamilton will be hosted on Monday, September 25th to bring residents, post-secondary education institutions, community organizations, and the City of Hamilton together to talk about actions we can take to enhance Hamilton with a focus on community, partnerships, and collaboration.

This year, the event will be hosted at the McMaster David Braley Health Sciences Centre and registration is free! Click here to access the registration form and to see the full event schedule.

Discussion Topics

We will be featuring 5 community projects for discussion at Change Camp 2017. Participants will be able to participate in 2 discussions throughout the evening. The topics are:

  1. Food Security: Hamilton has a number of food deserts across the city. Within this theme, the project will be to identify these areas and how to best provide them with food by hosting pop-up marketplaces in the neighbourhoods as well how to start community gardens in those neighbourhoods.
  2. Transportation: Safe streets and communities have been identified as a priority for many Hamilton neighbourhoods. This theme has the potential to explore a number of projects including reduced speed limits, cycling infrastructure, transit, and more.
  3. Community Print Shop: Neighbourhoods have been investigating the idea of creating a community print shop. The goal of the project would be to find a space/people that could run all the community newspapers from the hubs in Hamilton.
  4. Affordable Housing: Recent popularity in the city from Toronto-based investors has resulted in growing concerns for local residents regarding affordable housing. This theme will explore projects related to inclusionary zoning and developing tools to help track resident displacement in the city of Hamilton.
  5. Space Animation: Empty storefronts can be found all across Hamilton. This theme project will explore how pop-up shops could take place in these empty storefronts as a means to animate under-utilized space. Other spaces for animation may also be discussed.

Why Attend Change Camp?

  • Share Information: Be informed on what is happening in the Hamilton community by sharing information that you have and learning new things from others.
  • Meet New People: Connect with other neighbourhood residents, community groups, students, and partner organizations.
  • Make a Positive Change: Work together with project teams through conversations that will result in projects that will take place over 2017-2018.
  • Learn and Grow: Learn from other participants about specific issues within our neighbourhoods and how to get involved.

Are you a course instructor? Invite your class to Change Camp!

One of the goals of Change Camp is to integrate students into the Hamilton community to learn from and contribute to the discussions at the event. If you are an instructor with a course that may potentially align, consider having your class attend change camp! For more information, please contact Christine Yachouh (co-chair) at