Video encourages students to ‘pop the bubble’

A new video released by the Student Success Centre is encouraging students to get out and explore Hamilton.

“Being able to hear what other people value is one of the best ways to learn about exciting aspects of the city,” says Jasmine Waslowski, a third year health sciences students and Student Success Leader. “I love that everybody sees something different.”

Like many other students, Waslowski says she was living in a bubble until she became a Student Success Leader and began writing for the Pop the Bubble blog. “I slowly developed a love for the city and I craved exploring it further,” she adds.

The video features McMaster students and members of the McMaster Students Union (MSU) talking about their favourite things to see and do in Hamilton. From food trucks and restaurants, to Art Crawl, Bayfront Park and the Battlefield House Museum, the video explores Hamilton and why it’s important for students to connect with the community.