Vacationing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Vacation time doesn’t have to mean jumping on a plane to a faraway destination. There are many ways to enjoy time away from work that requires minimal planning and still gives you a chance to recharge.

The benefits of taking a vacation

Reduce burnout

Vacation time provides the opportunity for a mental and physical break and reduces stress induced fatigue.

Live a longer, healthier life

Taking time off from work can decrease stress levels, improve your immune system, promote better heart-health and reduce risk for heart disease.

Promote a stronger work culture

People who take vacations are significantly happier and in return, are more successful in their job. Employees help contribute to a strong work culture when they are happy and most importantly, well-rested.

Not sure how to spend your vacation time during a pandemic? Here are a few suggestions

Get active

  • Gyms, fitness centres and other activity centres are offering free live streams, and virtual pre-recorded classes.

Enjoy your downtime

  • Give yourself a break from social media and dust off that paperback you never got around to finishing.
  • Create a vacation soundtrack. From the vibrant sounds of Spain to steel drums from the Caribbean, bring your dream destination to you.

Start planning (or daydreaming)

  • Plan your next celebration, a dream vacation, or even a meal plan for the upcoming week. Getting organized helps you declutter your mind and your bucket list.

Travel (without leaving the comfort of home)

  • Take a camping trip in the backyard, complete with a tent, flashlights and snacks.
  • Enjoy a virtual tour of an aquariummuseumor zoo.
  • Take a (themed) virtual trip. Think Italy, with Bocelli playing in the background, while sipping Barolo.

Get social

  • Host a virtual games night with friends and family. Platforms such as kahoot are great for online games.
  • Random acts of kindness pay dividends. Make an anonymous donation or mail a letter to a friend.

The bottom line here is that vacation is important for all of us, regardless of our role. If you aren’t sure about your vacation time entitlement, speak to your manager today.

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