Updated holiday schedule

Dear members of the McMaster community,

With the weather beginning to turn colder and the fall term moving into its final weeks we want to recognize the outstanding work that has happened across the university.  Our thanks to everyone who has helped with our smooth transition Back to Mac.  Our students benefit from your dedication and attention.  We are also grateful for the support and patience colleagues continue to show each other as you teach, research and support the university in so many different ways.  Thank you.

We know that it has been a challenging term and to ensure everyone is able to rest and relax over the upcoming winter holiday break we have decided to extend this year’s scheduled break by an additional two days.  The university Holiday Schedule will be extended to include January 2nd and January 3rd.  You can find the holiday schedule here.

We know there will be some activities that will need to continue over this extended Holiday Schedule. With the change for this year, we are asking managers to ensure that alternative time is found for people to enjoy the two additional designated holidays.  For those who already had these days booked for vacation the time will not be deducted from your vacation allotment for the year.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone.  Please enjoy your holiday time and stay safe and healthy.


David Farrar             President
Susan Tighe              Provost
Paul O’Byrne             VP and Dean Faculty of Health Sciences
Karen Mossman      VP Research
Saher Fazilat             VP Operations and Finance
Debbie Martin          Acting VP University Advancement