University statement regarding McMaster Association of Part-time Students

McMaster University collects student fees from part-time students on behalf of the McMaster Association of Part-time Students (MAPS) . The student fees are then remitted to MAPS to pay for a variety of services for the students it represents.  MAPS is managed by its own Board of Directors, independently from the University.

Since this past summer, the University has been holding part-time student fees in-trust in light of significant concerns that were raised regarding MAPS’ business practices.  The University has limited its release of funds to student-focussed activities and to ensure there is no interruption for students with scholarships and bursaries that are distributed by MAPS.

McMaster took this extraordinary measure to protect the interests of part-time students.

The University became actively involved in the process because of the impact such serious financial concerns could have on the services students fund.  The process to fully understand the concerns and develop permanent solutions is still underway.  We believe that the University’s financial reporting, expense, reimbursement and travel protocols would provide a model of best practice that the MAPS board could incorporate into its governance model and we continue to work with the MAPS Board to ensure that best practices are followed.