University launches new information security website

A new information security website will help campus community members better understand the University’s Information Security Policy – and learn how to best secure their digital information.

The website offers community members the opportunity to review the policy and existing technology standards, and will act as a hub for resources that will help everyone make decisions about securing the information they handle.

The website also includes a page of information security perspectives; thoughts and ideas from members of the McMaster community about why information security matters to them, both personally and within the University context.

The University’s Information Security Policy was approved late last year and is applicable to all members of the McMaster community, and applies to any technology that is used to handle information for the University.

Securing technology and information is paramount to assuring success of the University Mission, to protect the privacy of individuals, to assure the integrity of research, and to ensure access to available educational resources for everyone in the McMaster community.

The Information Security Policy Committee was formed with a mandate to create Information Security Policy and Standards.  Consisting of IT Personnel from all areas of the University, committee members brought a wide range of perspectives about the role of information security at the University.  The result is a well-balanced Policy that assures the confidentiality and integrity of valued information and protects the privacy of individuals, while supporting academic objectives and freedoms.


The Information Security Policy Development Committee is:

Courtney Sheppard, Faculty of Social Sciences

Marissa Benson, University Technology Services

James Dietrich, Faculty of Health Sciences

Sinisa Crkvenjas, Faculty of Engineering

Lou DiDomenico, University Technology Services

Vaneet Singla, Students and Learning

Chris McAllister, University Library

Alex Poulin, Faculty of Science

Ryan Poole, Faculty of Health Sciences

Alex Alvarez, University Technology Services

Paul Muir, University Technology Services