TMG mentoring program

McMaster’s TMG Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the TMG Mentoring Program in February 2014. This development initiative will provide personalized support to both new and established TMG leaders through the creation of mentoring-learning partnerships, and will inspire positive welcome experiences for TMG community members here at McMaster University.

What will Mentors do?
For the initial roll-out of this initiative, Mentors will be “matched” with TMG colleague “Mentees” from the current New Manager Orientation Program (NMOP) cohort. Mentees will also be recruited from the greater TMG community.  Mentors will help guide and support their Mentees with a focus on personal and professional growth, to help prepare for and successfully transition into their new TMG role. Mentors will facilitate networking, foster critical thinking, provide counsel through change, help Mentees build University acumen and provide motivational support.

Program Commitments
Mentors will be asked to participate in a ½ day Mentor Orientation program in late February designed and facilitated in partnership by the Centre for Continuing Education, TMG Mentoring Committee and Organizational Development team. We are asking all Mentors to make a minimum time commitment of one hour per month for one year starting in March, 2014. Mentors will have the opportunity to share valuable insights and experiences with up to 3 Mentees during the year based on 4 month rotations. In addition, Mentors will be asked to attend 2 follow-up networking and feedback events over the course of the next 12 months.

We are currently looking to recruit 45 Mentors with various leadership experiences from across the University to participate in this inaugural program. Please visit the link below for more information, and to indicate your interest in becoming a Mentor today! You will be asked to take a few moments to highlight your background experiences and preferences which will help us in our matching process.

If you have any related questions, require assistance or would like further information, please contact Franca Berti-Bogojevic in Organizational Development at or 905-525-9140 ext. 23174.

All Mentors will be contacted in late January with further details regarding the orientation and matching process.

Thank you for considering this program in which you will have the opportunity to share your leadership knowledge, foster collaborative learning experiences and inspire others through Mentoring!