The Magic of Molecules

OCt. 23: It was an evening of “Magic”…of Molecules!

I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations on a job well done to all those who contributed to a highly successful presentation of the ‘Magic Of Molecules’ on Saturday, Oct. 20th. We offered the show to a full house (375 people) in BSB 147, and were most ably supported by a large crew of Chemistry and Chemical Biology students (and one former student!); Heather Zelisko, the preparer of all of our successful demonstrations; and my co-presenters David Brock and David Emslie.

The show was received with tremendous enthusiasm and we heard a great deal of positive feedback afterwards.

I extend grateful thanks to our sponsors, The Chemical Institute of Canada (Hamilton Section); Titles, McMaster University Bookstore, and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology outreach program.

Our Chemistry and Chemical Biology student volunteers:
Faisal Adam Pany
Edmond Chiu
Elna DeGlint (MAC graduate!)
Tara Dickie
Fahim Naeem
Nick Plagos
Aviansh Ramkissoon
Joanne Tan
Kevin Yin

Again, thank you to all – putting on an event of this scale is only possible with your support, good humour, and enthusiasm.

Well done!

Pippa Lock

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology is pleased to offer the annual “Magic of Molecules!” show in celebration of National Chemistry Week. This show of favourite chemistry demonstrations will take place on Saturday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m. in BSB 147. Online registration for this free show is available at (click on Magic of Molecules!). Since seating is limited for this popular show, we suggest reserving your spot(s) as soon as possible. The show can be enjoyed by all ages except perhaps for the very, very young (a few loud bangs), and lasts approximately one hour.