Students win iPads for survey participation

McMaster sincerely appreciates the active participation of our students in the 2013 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). We received approximately 3500 responses. The time and effort of our students is valuable to this survey as it collects important student engagement and satisfaction information that is crucial for McMaster in understanding where we are performing well, and what aspects of the university experience could be improved upon.

The University will follow up with the community by communicating the findings and taking actions to continue improving students’ education experiences.

The winners of this year’s student participation draw each received an iPad Mini (Artemiy Khmelyov, Darragh Brown, David Stearman, Laura Vanhie, Alasdair Rathbone, and Taryn Aarssen).

Also pictured are Dr. Phil Wood, AVP Student Affairs and Dean of Students and Lori Wright, Executive Assistant, Institutional Research and Analysis.

nsse 2013