Student computer labs set for refresh

McMaster’s seven UTS-supported computer labs are getting a technology upgrade this summer.

This September, the UTS labs in John Hodgins Engineering, Burke Science Building and Kenneth Taylor Hall will receive Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) computers with larger 22-inch monitors. These computers which will provide access to a virtual desktop hosted on a central server. Students will have access to full features as if the applications were loaded on the local system.

Improvements for students, faculty and instructors include:

  • Windows 7 base operating system
  • Microsoft Office 2010 will be available in all the labs
  • Applications can now be upgraded to Windows 7 compatible versions

In addition, the virtual desktop system will substantially cut power consumption in each UTS Student Lab and simplify lab management tasks allowing applications to be added and upgraded faster.

This upgrade provides an opportunity for faculty and instructors to request additional or upgraded applications be added to the computers. To make a request, please contact  by July 18. Applications and related versions that are currently offered in the computer labs are listed on the UTS computer lab page.

UTS Student Lab Locations:

  • BSB 241, 244 and 249
  • JHE  233A and 234
  • KTH B121 and B123