Staff prepare for move to One James North

Some 200 staff working in downtown Hamilton will begin making their move to One James Street North from the current Downtown Centre March 5.

A planning team has been working for months on the move, which is scheduled to take place as follows:

  • Internal Audit: Moving March 5 to 9
    • Centre for Continuing Education: Moving March 6 to 10
    • Finance: Moving March 9 to 13
    • Institutional Research and Analysis: Moving March 14 to 18
    • University Advancement: Moving March 20 to 25

McMaster staff are asked to remain patient while corresponding with those involved in the move in the days leading up to and after the move, as access to phones, email and mail will be interrupted.

Mail will be held during the move, as per the following schedule:

•  Internal Audit: Hold mail starting March 5, delivering March 9

• Centre for Continuing Education: Hold mail starting March 6, delivering March 10
• Finance: Hold mail starting March 9, delivering March 13
• Institutional Research and Analysis: Hold mail starting March 16, delivering March 18
• University Advancement: Hold mail starting March 20, delivering March 25

All inter-office and Canada Post mail should continue to be addressed to McMaster’s main campus address (1280 Main Street West). Courier packages should go to the Downtown Centre’s new address:

McMaster University

1 James Street North
Hamilton, ON     L8R 2K3


The new location is accessible by public transit, offers ample nearby parking and is in close proximity to a wide array of services and amenities.

It’s also just two blocks away from McMaster new Health Campus, which is currently under construction at Main and Bay.

Approximately 4,000 students will begin taking their Continuing Education courses at One James North on March 28.