Sidewalk and roadway improvements on campus

As part of its continued efforts to improve safety on campus, McMaster Security and Parking Services is undertaking several sidewalk and roadway repair projects.

Major projects include sidewalk replacement at the Main Street entrance and Forsyth Avenue South. The sidewalk replacement will include the installation of three metre sidewalks with urban Braille. The pedestrian crosswalk improvements include, barrier free, raised crossing, recessed lighting within the cross walk and pedestrian rails to guide pedestrians to marked crossings. There are no anticipated traffic interruptions, but check the Daily News for updates.

Other campus sidewalk and roadway improvements include: walkway replacement near the Burke Science Building, Refectory Rathskeller and Edwards Hall/Chester New Hall. New three metre wide pedestrian sidewalks with urban Braille will be added to improve pedestrian access to parking lot I and Lot E.

The new cell phone lot located between MDCL and Divinity College is also undergoing minor repairs to improve accessibility for patrons.

Construction will begin on Monday, August 20 and should conclude early in September.

Any questions can be directed the Parking Office, located in the ET Clarke Centre at 905-525-9140 ext. 24232  or email