Secure lab PEDAL is changing its name to SEAL

Student sitting at bank of computers analyzing data
The secure lab PEDAL is changing its name to SEAL to reflect its broader support for multiple disciplines.

The Public Economics Data Analysis Laboratory (PEDAL) is changing its name to the Secure Empirical Analysis Lab (SEAL).

SEAL is a secure lab that provides a safe environment for hosting confidential data. It as founded in 2004 by economics professor Abigail Payne.

The name change is intended to more accurately reflect the secure data lab’s expanding role as its focus shifts from economics-centred research to broader support for empirical analysis across the social sciences.

Researchers using SEAL facilities come from many disciplines, including economics, health research, nursing, sociology, social work, political science and education studies. The lab’s researchers are based at McMaster and other universities across Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

SEAL has statistical and qualitative data analysis tools to meet most researchers’ needs and uses server-based thin client technology which provides very large data storage and memory capacity.

Researchers may bring in their own datasets or datasets obtained from third parties under a data-sharing agreement. SEAL also offers a variety of public-use datasets that can enhance a research dataset.

For questions regarding the tools available for researchers and use of the lab, contact lab manager Lars Nielsen at or directors Steve Jones or Arthur Sweetman.