Say hello to Enrolment Services

Student Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid & Scholarships have officially been united under one banner – Enrolment Services.

The change took place Oct. 9. Highlights of the new Enrolment Services mandate include:

  • Develop and implement annual and mid-range recruitment and admissions plans, in consultation with each University faculty.
  • Develop strategies to best leverage entrance scholarship funding, in order to attract top students and provide accessibility for students with financial need.
  • Represent McMaster locally and nationally to prospective students, applicants, high school counselors/teachers and the general public.
  • Provide high-quality and prompt service to students at all levels, with respect to Financial Aid & Scholarship services.
  • Work closely with the Office of the Registrar on budget-planning and support for new student registration, transitions and communications.

Jock Phippen has been appointed Executive Director of the new Enrolment Services Unit. Other managers include Elizabeth Seymour (Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships), Rebecca Hamilton (Associate Director, Admissions) and Paula Johnson (Assistant Director, Student Recruitment).