Residence move-out to affect traffic on campus

More than 3,500 students will be departing their on-campus homes beginning this week and continuing until April 30.

In response to student feedback, Housing and Conference Services has increased the time students have to leave their residence room by extending the move-out deadline from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. the day after their last exam, excluding April 30.

As families arrive to help pack up their student’s belongings, the university typically sees an increase in traffic on campus. Between April 25 and 28, more than 67% of residence students will be leaving campus, marking these as the busiest days of the move-out period.

University staff who travel the roadway and/or park in Lot G (opposite Woodstock and Hedden Halls), in front of Les Prince Hall and lot H (adjacent to Les Prince Hall), Lot Q (opposite Bates Residence) and Lot I will find these areas particularly congested. For these dates, transponder holders for zones G will be permitted to park in the underground stadium lot and Q will be permitted to park in Lot I.

Move-out parking attendants wearing orange safety vests will be working shifts in both the North and West Quads during peak move out periods from April 21 to 30. These student attendants will ensure that visiting cars do not block roadways, fire lanes, or pedestrian walkways.

Pedestrians in the West Quad should also note that cars will be allowed to drive to Moulton, Matthews, and Wallingford Halls along the emergency roadway north and east of Mary Keyes Residence. Cars may also stop in designated loading areas to pick up students and their belongings. During this time, student attendants will ensure that cars move safely in one direction only and do not block emergency vehicle access.

Parking and Security Services have assisted in the preparation of the move out plan to ensure that residence move-out will run smoothly.