Research Integrity Policy review panel

When the Research Integrity Policy was approved in June 2013 it was with the stipulation that the policy be reviewed during the 2014-15 academic year as follows: To review the current policy and procedures in light of experience, to respond to any comments or concerns from affiliated institutions, to consult with relevant constituencies and to recommend any necessary revisions.

A Review Panel has now been established (see below). The Panel is interested in receiving from members of the university community any questions, concerns or suggestions to improve the current policy and procedures.  Comments can be provided to the Panel via the University Secretariat.

Research Integrity Policy Review Panel

Dr. Jonathan Bramson             Faculty                                    Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Shayne Clarke         Faculty                                               Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Brian Detlor                        Faculty                                    Faculty of Business

Mr. Daniel Elbirt          Undergraduate Student                 Faculty of Engineering

Mr. Asim Soomro         Graduate Student                           Faculty of Health Sciences

Mr. Dave Tucker          Staff                                                 Vice-Chair of the Research Misconduct Hearings Panel

Dr. Peter Walmsley      Faculty                                            Faculty of Humanities (Chair)

Dr. Doug Welch           Faculty                                              School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Joanna Wilson        Faculty                                            Faculty of Science

Dr. Hatem Zurob          Faculty                                              Faculty of Engineering