Requirements for golf cart use on campus

Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services (EOHSS) would like to remind all members of the McMaster community of the requirements for using golf carts on campus.

The authorized vehicle operator shall participate in and successfully complete the on-line golf cart training offered by EOHSS through Mosaic.  Once the operator has successfully completed the training, a card identifying them as a competent operator will be issued.  This card must be kept on the operator’s person while operating golf carts on campus.

Some important golf cart procedures:

• Only authorized users (licensed, trained and approved) may operate vehicles on Campus.

• All operators must have a full and valid G license.

• Golf carts are not to be operated on any sidewalks without specific authorization from Security Services for a specific event.

• Golf carts must never be driven on public roads.

• Occupancy seating is based on the number of seat belts in the golf cart. 

• The storage area for the golf cart must be approved by Security Services.

Please refer to Risk Management Manual document 318, Care and Control of Golf Carts & Other Off Road Vehicles, which outlines the requirements in more detail.  If you have any questions, please contact one of our Health and Safety Specialists.