Requesting system access for non-employee

On occasion individuals who are neither employees nor students need to access McMaster’s information systems. A new form is now available to make this an easier process.

Titled the “Person of Interest (POI) Request,” this form can be used for a variety of individuals, including volunteers, auditors, contractors and visitors. The form should be submitted by the McMaster employee who is sponsoring or overseeing the person of interest. For example, a lab manager would submit the form for volunteers who need to complete a health and safety course before assisting in a lab. In another example, a departmental administrator would submit the form to request access for a speaker who needs Wi-Fi service.

This form is used to request Mosaic access for all POIs excluding “Other Academics.” If you are requesting the addition of an “Other Academic” (SPS A3 or SPS A4) please use the appropriate form from your Faculty Office and forward to the Provost’s Office or Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty Relations office, as applicable.

The “other academic” group includes individuals appointed with the following titles:

  • Adjunct or Visiting appointments at the rank of Lecturer, Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor
  • In-Residence Appointments
  • Industry Professor appointments
  • Clinical Lecturer, Assistant Clinical Professor, Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct), Associate Clinical Professor, Clinical Professor
  • Lecturer (adjunct). Lecturer (part time), Assistant Professor (part time), Associate Professor (part time), Professor Lecturer (part time)
  • Outside paid faculty appointed at the ranks of Assistant, Associate, or  Full Professor
  • Retired full time faculty accorded the title of Professor Emeritus

A final note: Users with more than 10 POIs to add should contact the UTS Service Desk (ext. 24357) for assistance.