Reminder: Online tax slips available

McMaster has provided online Tax Slip access for all individuals paid from Human Resources Services in 2014

Electronic slips include all payments from 2014 Pay Statements. Prior Year electronic slips are not available.

Slips covering payments from other income streams (Student Accounts or Accounts Payable) will be available only as paper copies for 2014. Paper slips have been mailed to the home address on file in these departments.

I am having trouble accessing Tax Slips online. Should I call UTS?

If you are not a current McMaster employee, no electronic slip access is possible, and a tax slip has been mailed to the address on file in Human Resources Services. Current McMaster employees who are having trouble accessing online Human Resources tax slips may contact the UTS Service Desk for support.

Why am I having trouble accessing my electronic slip from home?

To access your tax slips from home, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection will be required, which provides an enhanced level of security to your connection to Mosaic. Visit the UTS website for information on downloading and using the VPN network access tool.

When logging in from within the McMaster network, no VPN connection is required.

I opted in, but still received a mailed T4 / T4A. Why?

Individuals who consented after the printing deadline were still mailed a printed version of the 2014 slip from Human Resources Services.

If the address flap on the outside of your paper slip shows Roll# G (School of Graduate Studies) or Roll# V (HR Services), the amounts match what you are seeing online, and the slip is not marked Amended, or Cancelled, these are all good indicators that this paper slip is a duplicate to the one you are viewing online, and likely does not need to be included on your Tax Return as additional income to the income you are viewing online (e.g.: if you have received a duplicate slip, you will include one, but not both slips in your tax return).

Paper slips have been issued for payments which were received from either Accounts Payable or from Student Accounts in 2014. These amounts will be additional to any which were paid from Human Resources Services, and do need to be included in your Tax Return to the CRA as they represent income which is in addition to that reported by Human Resources Services.

I did not Opt-In and still did not receive a printed tax slip. What happened?

Most likely, the address on file with Human Resources Services is outdated, and should be updated by emailing the HR Office supporting your area. If you are a current employee, you can check the address we have on file for you by logging into the Mosaic Portal, and navigating to the following page:

Main Menu > Human Resources > Self Service > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary

Current employees can either Consent to receive electronic tax slips to gain immediate access to their online slips, or they can contact their Human Resources Advisor for assistance.

Visit the T4 and T4A Slips page on the Working at McMaster website for more information about your options. Refer to our recent Daily News article for details on how to opt-in, or log into our secure Mosaic portal, and take a look at the Consent Instructions available on the Documents Tab.

I am seeing an unexpected entry on my T4A slip. What is Box 014?

Box 014 is an information-only box. In Mosaic Terms, this will represent your McMaster Person ID, which is referred to in Human Resources Services as an Employee ID, and in Student Accounts as a Student ID (in our new Mosaic system, they are now a single number).

The numbers showing in Box 014 on the T4A slip do not need to be included as income when completing your Tax Return. Refer to the reverse of your printed slip, or the Filing Instructions link online, for confirmation.

Why am I seeing more than one Tax Slip from McMaster?

For T4 slips, employees who received income from McMaster under different (Employment Insurance) Rate Groups in the same calendar year will have multiple tax slips. Rate Groups are each linked to separate accounts with the Canada Revenue Agency. As such, they must be reported on separate slips.

For T4A slips; these are usually a result of income from different payment streams over the course of the year. Student Accounts, Human Resources Services, and Accounts Payable use separate payment systems, and for accounting and audit purposes, each stream creates a separate slip file.

Information from both slips should be included on your Tax Return.

Is there any other way to know how many slips I should have received?

Another option to view all your 2014 McMaster slips in one place is via the Canada Revenue Agency, when you log into My Account on their website. Account setup is required for first time users.

How can I compare my last 2014 PeopleSoft Pay Statement to my T4?

Box 14 on a T4 slip shows Employment Income as well any Taxable Benefits paid by your employer on your behalf.

On your PeopleSoft pay statement, the CIT Taxable Gross is the amount upon which your income tax was calculated. This amount includes employer-paid taxable Benefits, but excludes any Before-Tax deductions. Put another way:

CIT Taxable Gross + Before Tax Deductions = your Box 14 Amount

To make your CIT Taxable Gross easier to understand, PeopleSoft pay statements present Before Tax employee-paid deductions in a separate box from After Tax employee-paid deductions, as well as providing an asterisk ( * ) beside any Taxable Benefits appearing in the employer-paid deductions section.

What if I still have questions?

Questions regarding tax slips issued by McMaster Human Resources Services can be directed to the HR Services office supporting your area.

For Roll# V tax slips: the HR Services Contacts List is available on the Working at McMaster website.

For Roll# G tax slips: School of Graduate Studies Payroll Office contact details can be found on the SGS Staff Directory is available on the School of Graduate Studies website.

The Student Accounts and / or Accounts Payable offices should be contacted directly regarding slips issued from either of their payment systems.

If you have any questions regarding your personal Income Tax Return, the best resource to contact for assistance or advice would be an Income Tax Specialist.