Reminder: McMaster is decommissioning Google Suite

As of September 2021, all McMaster student email accounts are provisioned as part of their Microsoft 365 licence. To complete the transition to Microsoft 365, McMaster GSuite accounts are being decommissioned.   

McMaster GSuite account holders must move any files and data they wish to keep before May 4, 2022

All clubs created prior to 2022 have are required to migrate any files they wish to keep to the clubs Microsoft Team prior to the decommission date.

To help you prepare for the GSuite account decommission, here are instructions on how to migrate your Google files to OneDrive.

Alternatively, you can find information on how to download files to a computer

Please check out the FAQs if you have more questions or concerns.

VPN accelerator for students in mainland China

Of note for students in mainland China, as part of this shift, the Alibaba VPN Accelerator will also be decommissioned in mid-June 2022. We will share more information in the weeks to come. Click here to learn more.