Rainbow crosswalk incident

McMaster is investigating a reported act of vandalism at the Sterling Street rainbow crosswalk that happened during the University’s holiday closure.

In early January, the Equity and Inclusion Office received concerns that over the holiday break, tire marks were left on the crosswalks at the Sterling Street entrance. McMaster Security has reviewed closed circuit video recordings  and confirms a vehicle appears to have intentionally left skid marks on the crosswalk on the evening of December 29.

The University is concerned about the impact felt by members of the LGBTQ2SI+ community, and the incident reinforces the need for continued work not only to combat everyday incidents of both subtle and overt homophobia/transphobia, but to ensure we communicate the value we place on every person in our community and their right to be who they are, and live, work and study free from harassment, discrimination and violence.

If anyone has any information about this incident, please contact Security Services at security@mcmaster.ca or (905) 525-9140. Crimestoppers Hamilton can also be contacted at https://crimestoppershamilton.com/contact/.

Campus supports and resources include:

Equity and Inclusion Office – equity@mcmaster.ca

Pride Community Centre – pride@msu.mcmaster.ca

Student Support and Case Management Office – avpstudents@mcmaster.ca

Student Wellness Services – wellness@mcmaster.ca

Employee & Family Assistance Program (via Homewood Health), 1-800-663-1142

This is the second incident at that location. During the fall, paint was spilled on the crosswalk. A security review could not determine the origins of that paint spill.