Quarantine Tent explores challenges of pre-vaccine era

The Quarantine Tent returned to Open Streets Hamilton over the weekend, and several McMaster students played the part of the sick patients from the pre-vaccine era.

The tent was sponsored by McMaster’s School of Graduate Studies and the McMaster Institute for Infectious Disease Research, with help from Allison Sekuler.

From left to right: Sohail Mahmood (immunology); Brianna Cheng (undergrad – diphtheria); Ryan Bennett Sekuler (high school student – smallpox); Breagh Cheng (undergrad – polio); Paz Fortier (psychology, 1918 Flu); Catherine Carstairs (chair, dept history, University of Guelph); Madeleine Mant (anthropology, PhD candidate — measles); Pippa Wysong (Quarantine Tent, founder).