Purchasing printer paper for departmental use

Effective May 1, 2014, Facilities Services and the Campus Store will begin working in partnership to manage the processing and fulfillment of paper supplies on Campus.

Facility Services will be replacing its Facilities Management system with Peoplesoft in the near future.  Included in this change, is the decommissioning of the inventory management module which processes all paper orders.  As processing of the new chartfield account strings has been fully implemented at the Campus Store, they will undertake the transaction portion of the paper fulfillment process while distribution will remain with Facility Services.

Customers will email requests to orderpaper@mcmaster.ca including the following information in the body of their email.

Building / Room Number:
Chartfield Account Number:
McMaster Employee ID #:
Paper Type & Number of Cases Required: (legal, letter or ledger)

If you would like additional information about the process or the product please visit the website http://campusstore.mcmaster.ca/orderpaper or contact orderpaper@mcmaster.ca.