Parking transponder exchange program

Parking Services is committed to providing consistent, dependable access to parking in the most efficient manner for our customers. A number of parking permit holders are experiencing problems with their transponders failing to consistently open gates. Parking Services has been working with the manufacturers of the equipment to identify the cause of the problem and to find a solution.

In order to improve service and to ensure you don’t have these problems going forward, all parking permit holders with existing 3M transponder will soon receive a new transponder; there is no charge to the parking permit holder for this exchange. You will be asked to hand in your Velcro transponder.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your support and understanding as we work to resolve the technical issues and improve the level of access and service.

What does this mean for your parking?

This change will only affect transponder holders. Flex pass, special event parking voucher users for gated lots and hang tag users for non-gated lots will not be impacted.

There will be no change or disruption to your current parking access rights and you will continue to gain access to the same lot(s) currently designated to you.

Does everyone have to change their transponder?

Yes everyone with existing 3M transponders will receive the replacement transponder at no cost. You will be asked to hand in your Velcro transponder.

We expect transponders to work 100% of the time for your permit and find that the current transponders are unable to provide this ongoing level of high performance due to technical issues. The new transponder will achieve this expected level of performance.

To make this convenient for you, the replacement transponders will be available directly at the parking lot where you are assigned. Once finalized these dates will be emailed to you.

When will this change be made?

We are targeting May 2016 however we are still working with our suppliers to determine the exact dates for this upgrade and will notify you as soon as we have confirmation. We anticipate the Transponder Exchange Program to take 2 weeks to complete. If you are not present at the lot at the time of the exchange we will ensure that a replacement is offered to you upon your return. The details of this will be provided by our office at a later date.

If you are currently experiencing problems, please contact us at Parking Services at extension 24232.

Our staff is here to serve you to the best of our ability, please be patient as we make this transition.

Thank you.

McMaster University Parking Services