Parking transponders being replaced

Parking Services will be upgrading its gate and antennae equipment over the summer. The system currently in place has become obsolete and new equipment needs to be installed to keep up the technology. This change has necessitated the replacement for all transponders. The University will incur a significant cost to implement this new system and as a result will transition from a refundable deposit system to non-refundable purchase system for its transponders.

There will be no change or disruption to your current parking access rights and you will continue to gain access to the same lot/s currently designated to you. This change will only affect transponder holders. Flex pass, special event parking voucher users for gated lots and hang tag users for non-gated lots will not be impacted.

The updates to gate/ antennae equipment will take place as early as end of June 2015 and is expected to be completed as late as early August 2015. Parking staff will be on site on the day/s of install to assist you and provide your new transponders. The transponder you receive at the gates on the day of the install will be a non-transferrable sticker transponder in exchange of the transponder you currently have. There will be no charge to those that hand parking staff their current transponder in exchange for a new transponder.

We will also offer a transferrable Velcro transponder, similar to what you presently have. These are available for $5 to those that have previously paid a deposit for their current transponder. For those, that did not previously pay a deposit, the cost of the Velcro transponder will be $25. These transponders will only be available at the Parking Office.

We are still working on the full implementation plan and an update will be provided over the next few weeks. Each permit holder will be notified via email by the parking office with a timeline of install and transponder distribution dates for their designated lot/s in advance of this process taking place.

If you or a colleague currently have a transponder with us and will be impacted by this change; but did not receive the email notice regarding this change sent on June 4th 2015. We request that you contact our office to have yourself added to our email subscription list to ensure that you receive the second notification with details of install dates.

If you are not present on the scheduled date of the install to your designated lot, you can obtain your new sticker or Velcro transponder at the office on your first day back after the implementation of the new equipment. We will ensure that you gain access to your designated lot when you drive in and your new transponder will allow exit on your way out.

We appreciate your cooperation as we work towards providing you with an improved parking system and an enhanced level of service.