An update on parking rates and initiatives at McMaster

To support enhancements in our parking and transportation systems, McMaster’s Parking Services recently implemented new parking rate increases.

These changes are necessary to improve the parking experience on campus, address increased costs due to inflation and other factors, and to make  improvements such as adding shuttle buses and routes, additional parking staff to help optimize available parking spots, and reduced waitlist times.

Honk app pilot program and other initiatives

Parking Services is also undertaking a pilot program allowing students, visitors and others to pay for parking through the Honk app. This will make parking more convenient and faster, especially during the busy summer season with events like baseball tournaments, Ticats training, and summer camps.

While more gates will continue to be raised at lots across campus, some lots will still require a transponder for access, ensuring reserved spaces for specific permits. Staff parking permits remain unaffected.

Parking Services also will soon launch a website featuring a multimodal transportation hub to provide comprehensive information about sustainable campus transportation options and services.

For questions about monthly permits, payments and general inquiries, please see Parking Services’ FAQ or call 905-525-9140 Ext. 24232.

If you have any additional questions, please email