Overwhelming response for President’s Fund projects

Earlier this fall, a call went out from the President and Provost for proposals that would advance the student experience at McMaster.  Supported by the President’s Fund, this initiative was intended to unleash the energy and creativity of faculty, staff and students in support of a key priority of Forward with Integrity.


On November 15, the first round of proposals was submitted for consideration.  The response from the McMaster community was overwhelming – over 50 proposals were received.  Susan Denburg, Strategic Advisor to the President, was thrilled:  “the call for proposals has stimulated a great deal of collaborative activity and problem-solving, and the overall quality of the proposals is impressive.”  Denburg noted that the potential impact on McMaster students is significant, as many of the proposals involve innovation that could have broad impact.  Members of the FWI Advisory Group are currently reviewing the submissions, and applicants should expect a response mid-December.