Open call: University Library ‘Faculty-Member-in-Residence’

July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance your 2015/16 research leave experience in a local (on-campus) setting?

The University Library is seeking a faculty member interested in spending a portion of time during his or her 2015/16 research leave to serve as the University Library’s second Faculty-Member-in-Residence.

In addition to workspace in the library, the Faculty-Member-In-Residence will receive direct access to library expertise and research support services, including collections, technical infrastructure (storage and virtual servers), publishing services, GIS consulting, targeted digitization, and technology consulting. The Library offers these services in a variety of ways including via the Lyons New Media Centre, the Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, the Maps/Data/GIS department, and the William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections.

In exchange, the chosen individual will be expected to:

  • Demonstrate clear use of library resources and/or services in their own research.
  • Encourage and support the research conducted by librarians and library staff.  This support could take many forms, both formal and informal.
  • Advise the library on issues related to faculty use of collections, services and facilities.  Tell us when we’re on the right track and where changes are required.
  • Become actively involved in at least one library project (could take the form of a small research project or participation on a work team related to the faculty member’s own area of interest).
  • Give at least one lecture or workshop for a library or campus audience on a topic of relevance to their experience as Faculty-Member-in-Residence.
  • Apply for at least one research grant involving library resources and/or services.

The opportunities are endless and the University Library is willing to consider innovative approaches to ensure that the experience furthers the library’s mission AND enhances the faculty member’s own research agenda.

Faculty members interested in this exciting opportunity should contact Vivian Lewis, University Librarian, at by December 31, 2014.

Read more about the research and experiences of McMaster University Library’s first-ever Faculty-Member-in-Residence, Brian Detlor.