New portal to support healthcare renewal in Canada

A new portal added to the Health Systems Evidence website  will ensure health system policymakers and stakeholders have easier, faster access to  policy-related information focused on healthcare renewal in Canada.

Canada’s Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal (EIHR) Portal is a continuously updated  repository of policy-relevant documents including jurisdictional reviews, stakeholder  position papers, and intergovernmental communiques.

It is an initiative of the EIHR  Roundtable, and managed by a collaboration between the McMaster Health Forum  and the Canadian Institutes of Health  Research. The portal provides ‘one-stop-shopping’ for the many types of  documents that can support healthcare renewal. The 24 types of documents included  address priority areas identified by Canadian federal, provincial and territorial  governments, such as primary healthcare, patient safety, health human resources and  performance indicators (e.g., timely access).

There are more than 300 documents in the portal that are coded to allow users to easily  identify other related information in Health Systems Evidence, which now contains more  than 3,000 records. This integration provides a single point of access to the ever- growing body of evidence related directly and indirectly to healthcare renewal.

The portal is available in English and French, and although it focuses on Canada, any  registered users of the HSE website who are outside Canada can choose to access the  additional content, by ticking the Enable viewing of complementary content box on their  profile page.

Contents of the portal will be updated regularly with new documents provided by 16  members of the EIHR Roundtable, a group formed last fall that includes ministries of  health, research funding agencies, professional associations and other organizations  from across Canada involved in healthcare renewal.

Two webinars – one in English and one in French – will be offered in September to help  users of the new EIHR portal better understand and use its features and functionality,  and learn how they can use it to best advantage in their individual roles.

The one-hour webinars will take place on September 13, at 11:30 a.m. (English) and 1  p.m. (French). To register for the webinar in English, click here. To register for the webinar in French, click here.

If you have questions or comments about the EIHR Portal, please send them to If you have questions or comments about the EIHR Roundtable  and/or the organizations that contribute to the EIHR Portal, please send them to