New Incident/Injury Report

The purpose of an incident/injury report is to record and report an injury, close call/near miss, or hazard that occurs in the workplace as a result of the work performed or the physical condition of the workplace. It is important to report injuries promptly in order to ensure the individual receives proper medical attention if needed and the cause of the incident is dealt with to prevent further injury to others.

Please note the Injury/Incident Report has been updated. Key updates to the report include:

  • Addition of psychological under type of injury
  • Detailed information regarding the area(s) of injury
  • Simplification of communication regarding return work, lost time, and modified duties
  • Clear identification of the person reporting the incident

The revised Injury/Incident Report can be found at: ​

Please reference RMM 1000 Reporting and Investigating Injury/Incident/Occupational Disease for more information.