New Employee Self-Service Functionality Available for Faculty Researchers October 20, 2017

In partnership with Human Resources, the HR Mosaic Sustainment Team has created a new employee self-service page in Mosaic for faculty members to list and update the name variants that they use in their professional work. By updating this information, faculty members can improve the operation of various McMaster systems and customize how their details are displayed on public-facing webpages.

Beginning today, in addition to the pre-existing HR Biographical name–which will continue to be used for the majority of HR purposes (e.g. tax reporting to CRA and other internal distributions)–users can add two additional name types through the self-service page. These are:

  • Preferred name: The faculty member’s preferred display name variant for public-facing profile pages
  • Publishing name: Name variants used in publication authorships

Users will also be able to add an ORCID ID, if applicable. If you have registered as an ORCID ID member, please enter your ID in the ‘Add ID’ portion of the page.

Once updated, University-wide systems such as McMaster Experts will use this information to customize researcher profile pages, and improve its automatic publication claiming process.

Effective immediately and on an ongoing basis, every faculty member or researcher will have their preferred name and publishing name populated with the legal name currently on file in the HR Mosaic system until this information is updated through the new employee self-service page.

To update your Preferred Name or Publishing Name, follow these steps:

    1. Go into the Mosaic Portal
    2. Click through the path: Navigator – Human Resources – Self Service – Personal Information – Faculty and Researcher Info
    3. Click on the highlighted arrow depending on which name you wish to update, or click on the highlighted “Add ID” button to add an ORCID ID:

4. Amend name details as appropriate on the following page:

  1. To add the ORCID ID, update the details on the following page:

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your HR Representative. Contact information can be found at the following links:

Faculty of Health Sciences HR Office:

HR Service Centre: