National College Health Assessment

On January 24, a survey from the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) will be sent out to a randomized sample of McMaster students. The survey includes questions on a wide range of topics, including alcohol use, sexual health, and mental health. The data collected will help to identify the wellness needs of the student population, as well as improve the services offered by the Student Wellness Centre and the university. The data also informs education, programming, and policies at the university.

The survey is open from January 24th to February 15th. Check your McMaster email, complete the survey, and be entered to win great prizes! Every survey helps build a healthier Mac.

The NCHA presents an excellent opportunity for the McMaster community to get involved with the Student Wellness Centre. The success of this study is predicated on people being aware it’s available. The best way for students and staff to get involved with this study is to educate their peers and students about it. This is important as the survey plays a major role in shaping and structuring Student Wellness Centre services and programming. To find more information on the National College Health Assessment, visit the SWC website:, or email Taryn Aarssen at