Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Rollout for McMaster Students

At the start of 2022, McMaster implemented an institutional requirement for all students, faculty and staff to be registered for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect personal data and information across our Microsoft 365 (M365) accounts. With McMaster employee MFA roll-out nearing completion, MFA will be implemented for all current student M365 accounts throughout May and June 2022. 

MFA assists in protecting accounts from being compromised and secures McMaster email and other associated Microsoft applications.  

A rolling implementation began for current student accounts at the start of May 2022 and will continue until late June. More information and resources about MFA can be found here. 

However, there’s no need to wait for your scheduled implementation date. You can start adding protection to your accounts today! McMaster students can sign up for free and use MFA right now. Register here! 

There are many benefits of using multi-factor authentication including:  

  • Preventing hackers from gaining access to your McMaster accounts 
  • Reducing the impact of account lockouts due to password guessing attacks 
  • Using the Microsoft Authenticator App to protect your personal online accounts, including personal social media accounts and your personal email 

If you experience any technical issues while setting up MFA, please contact the UTS Service Desk through Live Chat, or create a ticket for assistance by filling out the Support Form. 

All other questions or concerns can be made to