McMaster’s School of Grad Studies welcomes first applicants into new admissions system – Slate

The School of Grad Studies (SGS) is preparing to welcome the first applicants into a new admissions system known as Slate next month, when the recruitment cycle for the September 2022 academic year commences.

This initiative is one of many implemented as part of the McMaster IT Strategic Plan to support a connected, seamless, and transformative IT experience at McMaster.

About Slate

Slate is a comprehensive admissions system with an intuitive interface, allowing for a seamless user experience for applicants. The system is also designed for staff and faculty to efficiently review and evaluate applications so that McMaster University can admit graduate students and continue to bring together the best and brightest minds.

The Slate system can facilitate the collection of complete application details, the review and evaluation of these applications, as well as send admission decisions, within one system. Those applicants who receive and accept offers of admission and become students will then use Mosaic for their post-offer functions.

Training and Ongoing support:

Training for the program administrators and faculty began Aug. 10 and will continue until November 2021.

The training has been planned as a live, two-hour, high-level with “Slate captains” every Tuesday, in addition to recordings and materials available in Avenue to Learn.

Slate captains will also be available for drop-in Q & A sessions on Thursdays via Microsoft Teams. Click here to join the session every Thursday at 10 a.m.

Designated SGS Slate captains will be available for ongoing support. End users such as program administrators, faculty and supervisors can contact Paul Palathingal or Kim Wilms at any time for support.