McMaster’s new Labour Distribution Reports

Some of the most eagerly anticipated reports from McMaster’’s new HR system are now available.

The new set of Labour Distribution reports will provide information for pay generated after October 20, 2014 (when the new HR system launched). Information from MacVIP, for pay periods prior to October 20, will continue to be available in the legacy e-Reports system.

Two of the new reports are now available via Mosaic:

  • Labour Distribution Reports / Actuals (can be run after each pay)
    • Data is available for each completed pay period since October 20, 2014
  • Labour Distribution & Salary Commitments Report (can be run each month)
    • Data is available for November and for the partial month of October

The third report, Full-Time Equivalency, will be available in early January 2015.

How to access the reports

Guides to accessing and using Labour Distribution Reports (Actuals) and the Labour Distribution and Salary Commitment Report are available for users. The reports are available at the following menu path:

Main Menu > Data Warehouse > Mosaic Custom > Labour and FTE Reporting

About the reports

The new reports are designed as much as possible to replicate the information and format of the legacy reports. In addition, the reports are dynamic and will update to reflect changes (i.e. updates and corrections) made to HR payroll entries. However, once payroll charges for a given pay period have been sent to the general ledger, any changes required to a prior period funding source (i.e. chartfield string) will need to be adjusted via journal entries. Changes made via journal entries will not be reflected in the HR payroll data and thus will not be in the Labour Distribution Reports.

Please note that during the initial conversion to PeopleSoft HR, payroll charges were allocated to chartfield strings using the same mapping that linked the legacy system (MacVIP) to PeopleSoft Finance; however, in some cases programs or research projects were not setup to accept payroll charges. (The new system has more checks to ensure that only approved chartfield strings receive payroll charges.) If a user finds that payroll charges are not charging to the correct chartfield string, a change request should be submitted (see the Support section below).


Requests arising from the reports should follow existing McMaster business practices:

  • Questions regarding an individual’’s pay should be directed to your HR Advisor or HR Consultant.
  • Funding source changes should be submitted using the HR Event form with all approvals to your HR Office to make changes to future pays (changes to chartfield strings in the HR system are not retroactive, the new string will be reflected in reports for subsequent pays only.
  • Journal entries to change past payroll changes will be the responsibility of the department (these transfers will not be reflected in future labour distribution reports).


Access to these three reports has been arranged for users of the previous system. Additional access requests should be directed to Chris Sylvester

The project team thanks the many people who provided feedback, testing and input during the development of the new reports and appreciates individuals’ patience and support through this transition period.


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