McMaster’s commitment to academic freedom

McMaster and one of its librarians have been named in a lawsuit launched by the Edwin Mellen Press. The suit stems from a blog post published in 2010.

In its Statement on Academic Freedom, McMaster University affirms the right of the academic community to engage in full and unrestricted consideration of any opinion. Beyond this commitment to teach and learn unhindered by non-academic constraints, the University strongly supports the exercise of free speech as a critical social good.

For this reason, McMasterUniversity has for more than eighteen months rejected all demands and considerable pressure from the Edwin Mellen Press to repudiate the professional opinions of university librarian Dale Askey, notwithstanding the fact that those opinions were published on his personal blog several months before he joined McMaster.

Because of our respect for individual freedom of speech (by michael here), the University finds itself today a co-defendant with Mr. Askey in a legal action brought by the Edwin Mellen Press.

The University will continue to rigorously defend its commitment to academic freedom and freedom of speech as the case proceeds before the courts.