McMaster wireless security certificates updates

The wireless networks at McMaster University use a server-side certificate to secure communications between your device and the wireless infrastructure. University Technology Services (UTS) will be updating this certificate for Eduroam on January 2, 2019 and for all other Wi-Fi networks, on January 24, 2019. Certificates must be renewed every two years to maintain optimal function.

McMaster authorized Wi-Fi networks that will use the new certificate are:

  • Mac-WiFi (preferred network)
  • MacSecure (legacy network)
  • Resnet-WiFi (Resnet only)
  • Eduroam (for visitors to McMaster)
  • Mohawk-WiFi (IAHS Mohawk Students only)

Some devices may require you to acknowledge the new certificate change to continue using Wi-Fi connectivity. If a dialog prompts you to verify that the server certificate information is authentic, select “Trust” or “Connect” to complete the wireless connection. This ensures that you are not connecting to a “rogue network” pretending to be a McMaster University wireless network. If this dialog box does not appear, or for any other problems afterward, you may need to “forget” the wireless network profile and setup the connection following the guides:

For your verification, the new certificate is named, is issued by COMODO RSA Certificate Authority, valid between December 6, 2018, and December 6, 2020 and has a thumb print of B4 C5 53 69 6B CD 25 62 07 D5 04 19 32 B6 BD 2D A0 D7 59 90. Windows 10 Wi-Fi users may see the thumb print rather than the actual certificate.

For further questions and support, please see or contact