McMaster welcomes provincial Blue Ribbon panel recommendations for financial sustainability

McMaster welcomes a new report from the blue-ribbon panel of experts created by the province to explore ways to ensure postsecondary education in the province is financially sustainable and continues to offer the best possible student experience. 

Among the panel’s key recommendations are ending the tuition freeze by implementing a three-year tuition fee framework, and increasing operating funds to the sector by immediately boosting operating grants by 10% and indexing them over time.  

In addition, the panel calls on the government to provide operating grants for thousands of domestic students that are currently unfunded in the system.  McMaster has over 3200 of these students in our highly in demand STEM and Health Sciences programs.  

Without additional government funding and an end to the tuition freeze, the programs and services Ontario’s students rely on and deserve are at risk, the panel found.  

McMaster University appreciates the report’s recognition of the serious financial sustainability issues within this sector. Along with the Council of Ontario Universities, McMaster is hopeful the government will move forward quickly in implementing the recommendations.  

The university is grateful for the provincial blueprint for action and looks forward to ongoing engagement with the province to advance toward financial sustainability.