McMaster launches new scheduling system

This week Mosaic introduced McMaster’s new course catalogue and scheduling systems. The central scheduling and exams office has worked diligently to begin using the system in day-to-day operations. Notably, the scheduling system for entering course offerings for the upcoming academic year will be used by more than 60 timetable representatives across the university.


Most timetable representatives have already completed a training course on the new system and will begin using it to enter the courses, tutorials and labs that their departments plan to offer. Once submitted, this information will be used by the Registrar’s office to build the academic schedule, placing each class offering into a specific time and location.


December was chosen as the launch month for the new scheduling tool in order to capture course offerings for the 2015 Spring and Summer terms. This term has fewer course offerings than the Fall and Winter terms and thus provides users with an opportunity to use the system before the demanding Fall/Winter schedule.


Students will first see the new system next March when registration opens for the Spring/Summer term.