McMaster is a BioBlitz host site/partner

BioBlitz Canada 150 is a national year-long citizen scientist initiative aimed at identifying and cataloging the diversity of species that line in the environments that surround us.

A Bioblitz brings together taxonomic experts, citizen scientists and the general public to inventory all species (plants, animals, fungi, and more) in a particular area over a 24-hour period. Participants record all the organisms they find, and then experts verify their identity. The data collected provides a snapshot of the biodiversity in the location.

The Royal Botanical Gardens and their nature sanctuaries, which are a part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, are some of the most biodiverse regions in the country and host a greater diversity of plants than any other protected area in Canada

This July RBG and Cootes to Escarpment Exopark System will be hosting our local community Bioblitz on July 21 and 22nd. This is an opportunity for all members of the Hamilton and McMaster community to engage with this national initiative and assist in enhancing our knowledge of the local biodiversity in the region.

McMaster University has an abundance of knowledge and experience within is staff, faculty and student populations which would be an asset to the RBG BioBlitz. The event is split into 2 main parts with a greater need for experienced and knowledgeable taxonomic experts on the first day.


Friday, July 21 – Scientists and Ecologists – Scientists and ecologists will focus on inventorying newly protected properties and populations of rare species.

Are you an expert in taxonomy? Do you know how to identify the different kinds of insects, birds, amphibians or any other species in the region? RBG is currently looking for help from students and experts on Friday, July 21 with the inventorying. You can sign up here to help out with the inventorying.

Friday, July 21 (evening) + Saturday, July 22 – Public Events – The Blitz will cover a broader range of areas and include special introductory identification workshops and a community Biodiversity Festival at the Basecamp (located at RBG Arboretum).

Are you curious about all the life that surrounds you and want to be a citizen scientist and assist RBG with the public blitz on Friday evening or Saturday? You can sign up here.

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