McMaster Continuing Education host international visitors from Nanjing City

Xing Fang (Sarah, left), Patti Lago, McMaster Continuing Education (centre) and Cheng Qialing (Melinda, right)

McMaster University Continuing Education is pleased to host Xing Fang (Sarah) and Cheng Qialing (Melinda) from Hohai University, College of Distant and Continuous Education located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu China.

As international guests, Melinda and Sarah will be staying with McMaster Continuing Education until the end of January 2020 with the intent to learn more about Continuing Education with a focus on online learning, instructors’ experiences, resources and student services.

Founded in 1958, Hohai University’s College of Distant and Continuous Education offers degree and non-degree educational programs. Distant and continuous education is a very important component of the educational programs of Hohai University.

With a distinctive feature on engineering subjects, particularly water resources engineering, Hohai University provides a wide array of programs serving the educational and training needs of the various industries. Hohai University has an alumni population of 66,000 with more than 13,000 students enrolled at the College, covering science, engineering, management and economics.

In terms of non-degree programs, Hohai University has actively undertaken the training of high-level, continuing shortage, and professional and technical personnel in the region and industry, with a cumulative 76,000 trainees. At present, the number of trainees is 10,000 per year.